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Why Choose Clean Stormwater Inc?

Great job with quarterly audits and handling of required storm water samples. Good job on filing required yearly report with the state.

Jim H., Aztec Manufacturing Corp.

I like working with you guys Help keep me up to date

Steven G., As-Tech Industries

You offer an affordable service that completely gets rid of one of our biggest headaches.

Ryan O., T.M. Smith Tool Co.

You know your system is done the correct way.

Mike W., Jolico Tool
Clean Stormwater Inc. gives details information on how to keep our shop clean of spills and our storm drains clean and clear. So we can have clean lakes and rivers.
Mark M., Maple Mold Technologies

I know I’m in compliance at all times.

Jack G., TRP Crushed Aggregates

Detailed Inspection and fast response to all requests.

Horea D., Bosal

Fast and smart.

Bill B., Solaronics

Great service!

Pete B., Hydro-Craft

CMA offers a very useful service for companies with smaller staff levels, where clerical employees are not as available. The fact that CMA handles most of the paperwork and records is a godsend for my plant.

David A., Niagara Lasalle

Some Of Our Services

State Certified Stormwater Operators

Quarterly Site Inspections

Visual Sample Assessments</